WebsiteSaver™ Service

WebsiteSaver™ Service- An Essential Tool For Online Marketing

WebsiteSaver™ Function

Ready-Market provides an online marketing DIY tool that you can just use it with online guidance and subsequently improves the web page search engine friendlines.

WYSWYG Editor (What You See is What You Get)

Title and picture are critical for capturing visitors.

Solving SMEs Website Difficulties

After consulting with SMEs, we realized most of their difficulties with websites are: no specific or skillful website designer or have problem with website server but can't not be solved. Therefore Ready-Market has developed WebsiteSaver to take care all the troubles for them.

WebsiteSaver is an integration tool between HTML editor and services. It allows you to edit website contents using HTML editor (WYSWYG), creates inquiry forms and templates. While editing, you can click on SEF Checker to do a Search Engine Friendliness check up to improve the quality of page content.

Is WebsiteSaver™ hard to use?

Don't worry! WebsiteSaver WYSWYG(What You See is What You Get) is as simple as editing documents with Microsoft Office and a tool bar is all you need for picture and text modification.

Errors saved while editing, what should I do?

WebsiteSaver™ provides a Rollback function which allows users to go back to the 10 previous preserved pages, and this is what most service providers don’t have.

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Multi-language Support. Create Web Page In Different Languages. Not Just Translate

Multiple language converter assists SMEs to obtain visitors from various markets.

Qualified for New Search Engine Technology

New search engine technology has become localized hence webpages search result can be different in various regions. For example, your webpage night be found in Canada but not in other countries, or your webpage is listed at page one in Canada but not in other countries.

Multi-Language To Develop Markets in Different Regions

Read-Market has developed an online language converter which can support you to convert webpage to 34 languages. Once the webpage is converted, you can use WYSWYG (What You See is What You Get) for correction and ultimately bring in more business opportunities.

In addition, when your webpages are verified based on SEF (Search Engine Friendly) suggestions, the quality score also applies in those multiple language webpages.

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SEF (Search Engine Friendly) Checker

Quality Score is an important signal for search engine user because 99% of people are relying on it.

Quality Score Determine Website Position

New generation of search engine rule emphasizes on Quality Score and it evaluates webpage's age, server system, bandwidth speed, webpage structure, page content, content update frequency, percentage between new and old pages, website linking structure, keyword usages, etc. Without the basic settings, it would be difficult for your website to be found by search engines, and that means a lack of business opportunities.

SEF (Search Engine Friendly) Checker

With more than 10-year SEO and marketing experience, Ready-Market has launched a "SEF Checker" specifically for helping SEMs to obtain higher scores based on the recommendations and analysis from checker. Once the quality score of each page increased, the whole website's quality score will gained.

Suitable For Keyword AD.

Because search engine including Google, Yahoo, Bing...are using quality score to calculate their advertisement fee, that says, you can advertise with lower fee to attract visitors when having good quality scores.

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Online Marketing Tool and Online Tuition

Besides web page content correction, effective links are also important for WebsiteSaver™'s visitor attraction and online marketing.

Plenty of internet marketing tools, Incorrect one can cause troubles

Ready-Market consulting team shares their experience with everyone so that SMEs can avoid the misunderstanding and incorrect marketing methods. Online tutoring is a tool that teaches you step by step to achieve the goal of internet marketing. Users will be notified time-to-time for updated marketing tool usage or strategy.

You Must Know, Search Engine Isn't The Only Way For Online Marketing

There are many online marketing plans and the main purpose are two: 1. Attract buyers from various channels; 2. Create brand and international image. For WebsiteSaver users, they can use it to expand their business and attract more visitors by recreating a new enterprise image or marketing strategy. If you are not familiar with it, you can consult with our consultants.

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Website Analytics

WebsiteSaver™ supports Google Analytics and Yahoo Analytics for traffic monitoring.

Google, Yahoo Traffic Analysis System

Besides website, page content and links, webpage traffic analysis is just as important, therefore for every Website Saver user, Google, Yahoo Traffic Analysis System is implemented in every webpage.

Besides the website, page content and links, a webpage traffic analysis is just as important. Therefore, for every Website Saver user, Google and Yahoo Traffic Analysis System is implemented in every webpage.

Why website traffic reports?

A website traffic report is essential because it provides information regarding visitors' nationalities, time of visit, keyword usage, most visited page, where visitors came from, etc. SMEs use the information to modify the webpages and in the end create an appealing site that converts visitors into buyers.

What is a website with healthy traffic?

A healthy website traffic should have visitors from more than 30 countries every month, 30 seconds average surfing time, more than two pages read, visitors are from more than five sources and more than 10 sets of keywords used. Of course, there are more advanced analysis which can help SMEs to solve their online marketing difficulties. In addition, Ready-Market also provides monthly business analysis report and any further information can be obtained at "Trading Buzz Service".

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Customer Experience Sharing

" WebsiteSaver is very easy to navigate, except modifying web page and understanding website quality score, the most importantly is that we've expanded the market and received orders form overseas. "

Patrick Lee
President, Poly Vision Group

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