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Ready-Market's WebsiteSaver's SEF(search engine friendly) Checker assists increasing quality score by providing suggestions. It is a smart tool for SMEs to do internet marketing

WebsiteSaver provides visual navigation system for SMEs to solve their online marketing obstacles.

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WebsiteSaver Log In

Enter「?admin」after web address to sign in WebsiteSaver

With WebsiteSaver, you can manage your website including website promoting, website optimization, content management, inquiry form embedding, etc.

Each function is done within 2-3 steps.


Easy Navigation


Modification and visualization on the same web page

WebsiteSaver has no complicated navigation, you can correct any web pages wherever you are.


WYSWYG Webpage Editing

Freedom to correct, the safest back up system

WebsiteSaver back up system helps you to avoid any mistakes you make, WYSIWYG gives you freedom to edit freely.


SEF (Search Engine Friendly) Evaluation

Statistic Website Optimization

WebsiteSaver contains search engine friendly (SEF) checker to optimize your website.


Multiple Language Support

Multiple Language Support To Attract Buyers

WebsiteSaver solves your language barrier problem.

Simple set up to convert your website to various languages.


Inquiry Form Customization


Inquiry Form Customization

WebsiteSaver allows you to create suitable inquiry forms for buyers with hiring a designer.


Webpage Roll Back Support


Overwriting when doing web page editing

WebsiteSaver allows you to roll back to the previous pages and save errors while editing.


Online Marketing Tool and Online Tutorial


Online Marketing Tutorial

WebsiteSaver besides solving online marketing difficulties for SMEs, it also contains online tutorial that can assist you to accomplish internet marketing.


Visitor Tracking and Analyzing Set Up


Fast Website Traffic Analysis System Set Up

WebsiteSaver supports one-time set up for all the web pages to have Google Analysis.


Article Sections


If you have any further questions about WebsiteSaver, please click "Live Help Desk", we will be with you in a second.