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Online Marketing Problem- WebsiteSaver™ Solves Your Urge For Changing The Unappealing Website Without Spending Big Budget

question imageWebsite isn't Attracting Any Visitors, but Don't Want to Spend More Money to Fix it


WebsiteSaver™ diverse website templates satisfy customers who wish to modify or get a new website

Website isn't Attracting Any Visitors, but Don't Want to Spend More Money to Fix it

WebsiteSaver™ users are provided with plenty of website templates for business uses and you can visualize it while editing them. You can start building the website with the following concepts: 1. Choose a template with clear purpose, 2. Well-designed title and description, 3. Company advantage and competition is appealing, and 4. Use WebsiteSaver™ to do online marketing and keyword advertising.

website saver iconWebsite Modification Can Be Done By Yourself

Ready-Market provides a temporary web address for you to edit the webpage once its template is chosen. It is to avoid the unvisitable webpage and DNS pending time when working on the site.

The worst thing for a website is that your visitors thought the website is gone!

Will old website's link still work after new one is up?

It is an important question, however, most of the links don't work after the transferring is done, visitors usually see a page with "This Page Does Not Exist Anymore" message written on it.

For WebsiteSaver™ users, if there are visitors visit the old website, WebsiteSaver™ will redirect them to the new one.

website saver iconWebsiteSaver™ Notifies Search Engine Regarding Your Website Renewal

It is an important procedure for search engine robot to acknowledged your website renewal so it's always ready for search engine robot's indexing.


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" WebsiteSaver is very easy to navigate, except modifying web page and understanding website quality score, the most importantly is that we've expanded the market and received orders form overseas. "

Patrick Lee
President, Poly Vision Group

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