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Online Marketing Problem- WebsiteSaver™ Assists You To Build A Website With Multiple Languages For Internet Marketing Purpose

question imageWant to have an website in different languages for worldwide online marketing?


Want to have your website with muitiple languages for worldwide online marketing

Besides English, Spanish, French, Portuguese, German, Italian....are also highly used internationally. To convert your webpages into those languages aren't hard, but how about convert them into more than 43 languages?

WebsiteSaver™ supports 34 multiple languages

website saver iconWebsiteSaver™ can convert your website into more than 34 languages

When converting your website to different language through WebsiteSaver, a searchable web address is created for search engine. That says, if a website got translated through a third party server, it won't be found by search engines.

Every converted webpage got to keep the original quality score and also search engine optimized.

website saver iconWebsiteSaver™ is Qualified for Universal Search

For newer generation of search engine, universal search is implemented to identify the languages, countries, and user biases which means having a website with multiple languages is essential.


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" WebsiteSaver is very easy to navigate, except modifying web page and understanding website quality score, the most importantly is that we've expanded the market and received orders form overseas. "

Patrick Lee
President, Poly Vision Group

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