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We are an online marketing consulting team with in-depth experience

We are an online marketing consulting team with in-depth experience


Tom Wang

  • 13-year international marketing and 12-year B2B e-business management experience

Jackson Wu

  • 12-year international e-commerce and marketing strategy planning experience

Alexander Tung

  • 10-year international website set up and system developing experience

Anderson Wu

  • 9-year website database analysis and web hosting experience

Rita Su

  • 7-year international marketing and trade show experience

Peggy Tsai

  • 8-year website design and system integration experience

James Hung

  • 12-year marketing experience - Consultant of SMEA

Alice Xiao

  • 25-year export media experience

In Ready-Market team, every member is GAP(Google Advertising Professional) certified and trained by Google Inc. Tom Wang, Jackson Wu and Google AdWords coaches attended Google Adwords seminars to bring in the concept to Taiwan.

WebsiteSaver™ Advantages

  • WYSWYG Editor
  • Search Engine Friendliness (SEF Checker) Evaluation
  • Multi-language Support
  • Diversified Website 2.0 Templates Support)


Customer Experience Sharing

" WebsiteSaver is very easy to navigate, except modifying web page and understanding website quality score, the most importantly is that we've expanded the market and received orders form overseas. "

Patrick Lee
President, Poly Vision Group

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